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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2015)



Notes on this issue
Emily Lardner


Practices from the Field


Mindset about Intelligence and Meaningful and Mindful Effort: It's Not My Hardest Class Any More!
Janice A. Wiersema, Barbara Licklider, Janette R. Thompson, Suzanne Hendrich, Cynthia Haynes, and Katherine Thompson


Inventing and Implementing LLCs at an HBCU in One Year: Lessons Learned
Kirsten S. Ericksen Dr., Jonathan Walker, Page Laws, Faith Fitzgerald, and Cynthia Burwell




Emily Lardner, The Evergreen State College
Associate Editor
Sara Huntington, The Evergreen State College
Copy Editor
Lynn Dunlap, Skagit Valley College