Learning Communities Research and Practice (LCRP) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for higher education faculty, staff, researchers, administrators, and students to share current research, effective practices, critical reflections, and resources related to student learning communities in higher education. The purpose of LCRP is to promote practices and knowledge that strengthen the learning communities field. LCRP seeks submissions from faculty, administrators, student services professionals, researchers, and students involved in learning community work as defined by the Leaning Communities Association.

LCRP is published twice a year in spring and fall. Submissions are accepted year-round, but deadlines are January 15 and July 15 to be considered for the spring and fall issues, respectively.

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Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 (2019)



Notes for this Issue
Gabrielle Kahn and Janine Graziano


Practices from the Field


Indexing: Narrating Interdisciplinary Connections in the Classroom
Jack J. Mino, Elizabeth Trobaugh, Steven Winters, and James Dutcher


Place-Based Learning Communities on a Rural Campus: Turning Challenges into Assets
Amy Sprowles, Katlin Goldenberg, P. Dawn Goley, Steve Ladwig, Frank J. Shaughnessy, Kerri J. Malloy, Cutcha R. Baldy, Monty M. Mola, Joshua R. Smith, Mark A. Hemphill-Haley, Melanie J. Michalak, Claire P. Till, Alison P. O'Dowd, Gillian Black, Patricia L. Siering, Eileen Cashman, Alexandru M.F. Tomescu, Matthew P. Hurst, Bori Mazzag, Sonja Manor, Dale R. Oliver, Jeffrey R. Dunk, Jeffrey Abell, Micaela S. Gunther, Andre Buchheister, Ruth Saunders, James Floss, Erin Sullivan, Sarah Ben-Zvi, and Matthew D. Johnson