Living Learning Community, Exploratory College Students, Schlossberg's Transition Theory


This research explored first year undecided college student experiences with a Living Learning Community (LLC) designed to aid them in major and career decision making process. The study took place at a public high research Midwestern university. Twelve students who were undeclared majors when they began college participated in the study. The LLC’s provides specific programming and academic advising for undecided students. The study examined student experiences with both the programmatic and advising components of the LLC.

The project was conducted using grounded theory techniques, phenomenological perspective, and semi-structured interviewing technique. At the time of interview, some students had declared majors, while others had not. Themes emerged from the data, categorized into one of the four S’s of Schlossberg’s transition theory. The study provided insight into how students made meaning of their experiences which can aid professional practice for supporting this unique populations and creating effective Living Learning Communities with similar learning outcomes.