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Gerard A. L'Heureux, Professor of Chemistry (retired), Holyoke Community College

I retired from my 44-year career at Holyoke Community College. During my early years at HCC, I mostly taught traditional chemistry. During the last 15 years, 1997-2012, I became involved in student active learning and learning communities during which I taught over 20 LCs that integrated science with literature. These were exciting years for me and the LCs were well received by the students.


active learning, interdisciplinary, science, STEM


The author reflects on his 44-year career as a science instructor, during which he gradually implements new active learning strategies in the classroom and shifts to integrating science and literature in the teaching of learning communities. The author describes three learning communities to show how the disciplines of science and literature can be integrated in productive ways. The author is especially pleased that students became more active and productive learners and also appeared to demonstrate increased confidence and enjoyment of their learning community classes because the courses integrated cultural and scientific perspectives, and were interactive as well as personally and socially relevant.