Credentials Display

Jamie Brown

Fixed-Term instructor - Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Administration, Central Michigan University


Jamie enjoys teaching courses in the leadership program both face-to-face and online which focus on theory, practical application and current issues in leadership education.

Holly Hoffman, Ph.D.

Professor - Human Environmental Studies, Central Michigan University


Holly enjoys teaching courses in Human Development and Special Education focusing on the overview of human development, family studies, special needs, diversity in the classroom, accommodations for individuals with disabilities, and issues in early childhood special education.

Kristina Rouech, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Teacher Education and Professional Development, Central Michigan University


Kristina teaches introduction to education courses, student teaching seminar, graduate teaching and learning courses, and graduate literacy courses in face-to-face and online environments.

Betsy VanDeusen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Teacher Education and Professional Development, Central Michigan University


Betsy teaches literacy methods and research courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in face-to-face, hybrid, and online environments.


learning community, linked courses, linked assignments


This article describes the first implementation of the Future Educators Learning Community, and particularly, the impact of three linked courses and instructor collaboration. With supporting literature and the context and background of this learning community as the foundation, our experiences are structured into three distinct categories: preparing, implementing, and reflecting upon our journey. Pertinent logistics are discussed as well as the importance of ongoing communication and collaboration in response to real-time feedback from students. Throughout this initial implementation, recurring themes emerged that extended meaning for both students and instructors. The article concludes with important lessons learned, as well a poetic representation of the initial Future Educator Learning Community.