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Lydia Ellen Laucella is a former Limited-Term Instructor of Education in the First-Year and Transition Studies Department at Kennesaw State University. She is currently the Assistant Director for the Center for Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning, and an Assistant Professor of Education and Instructional Design at Reinhardt University.


Undergraduate Research, Nursing, Habits of Mind


This article outlines the process of how the author purposefully designed an integrative assignment to meet the real-world needs of a nursing cohort, First-Year Seminar anchored learning community. The author provides evidence from her own teaching practices to explore the elements that contributed to the construction of this assignment. For example, it was projected that nursing students need to develop two nursing habits of mind- to develop an inquiring mind and to develop a critical understanding of diversity. These nursing habits of mind were intended to introduce nursing students to both the science and art of nursing. She concludes the article with advice for practitioners working in learning communities on how to design their own intentional integrative assignments.