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Jack Mino, Elizabeth Trobaugh PhD, Steven Winters, and James Dutcher PhD


interdisciplinary indexing, integrative learning, Ecopsychology, Cli-Fi or climate change fiction


An integrative tool that we have piloted in two LCs, the interdisciplinary index, is an integrative template that students use to make connections between disciplines. In the learning community, “Cli-Fi: Stories and Science of the Coming Climate Apocalypse,” faculty developed the Climate-Change Stress Index (CCSI) that students used to identify evidence of climate-change impacts in the fictional setting of each novel they read. In another learning community, “All things Connect: Living with Nature in Mind,” students again used an index consisting Ecopsychology principles to describe, explain, and/or evaluate how these principles informed excerpts from environmental literature. We present a variety of student samples using Barber’s (2012) model of integrative learning and conclude with a review of the functions of interdisciplinary indexing.