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Jayne K. Sommers, Ph.D.

Lucy Reile, M.A.

Grant Henry, M.A.

Jennifer Thomas, M.A.


undecided students, career exploration, major exploration, residential learning communities


Scholarship on students who enter college without a declared major indicates that this population of students faces unique challenges (Anderson, 1985; Beal & Noel, 1980; Lewallen, 1993), but also may be more likely to persist to graduation and earn higher grades than those who enter college with a declared major (Lewallen, 1995). Based on undecided students’ needs for academic, career, and personal resources (Zarvell & Rigby, 1994), this article describes the implementation of a residential learning community (RLC) focused specifically on providing undecided students with in-hall programming and services related to academic major and career exploration, and provides implications for future implementation.