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Justin Fair, Professor, Madia Department of Chemistry, Indiana University of Pennsylvania;Dan Burkett, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Dawn Smith-Sherwood, Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Sondra Dennison, Director of Residence Life, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Li Teng, Assistant Director for Living-Learning, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


living-learning, certificate program, integrative learning, co-curricular experiences, workforce development


This article details the development of Living-Learning Community Certificate Programs (LLC-CPs) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Based on the Best Practices Model for living-learning programs proposed by Inkelas et al. (2018), LLC-CPs will engage cohorts of students in a four-semester sequence of intentionally integrated courses and assignments, organized around development of “essential skills and practices” enhanced by participation in required residential co-curricular experiences. We expect that LLC-CPs will result in both a sense of student belonging and purpose leading to greater retention and persistence as well as a mid-college credential noted on their transcript, providing students an early sense of academic accomplishment and an advantage when seeking future internships, graduate study, or employment opportunities. This article outlines two example LLC-CPs, explores the anticipated benefits of LLC-CPs to students, faculty/staff, and institutions, and offers suggestions for program implementation.