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Laura S. Dahl, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Education at North Dakota State University. Antonio Duran, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Administration of Higher Education at Auburn University. Zach Hooten is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Studies at The Ohio State University. Christopher J. Stipeck is Director of Residence Life at New York University. Ethan W. Youngerman is Senior Language Lecturer of Expository Writing Program at New York University. Matthew J. Mayhew is The William Ray and Marie Adamson Flesher Professor of Educational Administration at The Ohio State University.


Residential learning communities (RLCs) are a subset of living-learning programs (LLPs) where students live together based on a theme and are simultaneously enrolled together in at least one course related to that theme. Yet little research has focused on differentiating RLCs from those LLPs without a connected course. Using existing data from the Assessment of Collegiate Residential Environments and Outcomes (ACREO), we explored this distinction by comparing the experiences of students participating in RLCs with those of students in LLPs that did not have course components. Results from this study revealed that, when compared to students in LLPs, students in RLCs reported higher mean values across most experiences, with the two largest effect sizes observed for the factors related to student interactions with residential faculty and peers. Implications are then offered for future research and practice.