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Josie A. Mansperger, MFN, RDN

Amy L. Morgan, Ph.D.

Jessica E. Kiss, Ph.D., ACSM EP-C, EIM

Mary-Jon Ludy, Ph.D., RDN, FAND


peer mentor, student involvement, research


This is a personal account of the author’s journey through involvement with learning communities (LCs). She began college with little exposure to mentoring and research. Six years later, she graduated with a master’s degree, a trove of experience from LCs, and the confidence to take on a research role in her profession. The author’s personal roles in LCs over the years have taken many forms, but mainly relate to the mental health of college students. LCs have served as a vehicle for launching the author’s career by helping her gain valuable experience in peer mentoring, research projects, and student poster presentations as well as providing opportunities to network, engage in professional development, and hone leadership skills. Student involvement is valuable throughout the LC experience to foster growth and development of not only the student, but the LC as well. The author witnessed firsthand the benefits of a partnership between students and LC team, demonstrating how much LCs benefit from integrating student input.